Anti-virus Comparison: AVG VS Norton

The latest conflict in the most current war with the anti-virus sector has viewed the likes of AVG, BitDefender and Norton each and every one launching new and improved versions of their latest products. One such method called Avast VS Norton (and fundamentally it is their very own new type of anti-malware applications). We’ve used a quick go through the two fresh AV software programs and attempted to find out which can be the best.

The procedure is relatively basic you can virtually always use the age old trick of comparing the software package against each other as well as the anti-malware software package against the anti-spyware software package and so forth. The old formula all of us used for Anti-virus is essentially similar other than the names will be swapped around. Avast VS Norton is normally technically not the initial such merchandise from some aforementioned brands, but it will represent a tremendous change from what we’ve been witnessing over the last number of years.

Basically, we have now found the fact that only real similarity between Avast VS Norton and BitDefender VS Norton is the graphical user interface and the fact that they’re equally free. Even though the interface is comparable, there are too many differences in just a few areas to categorise them as being “direct” copies. Raising difference that we’ve found is that Avast VS Norton can completely take control of your system if you make a mistake or plan to uninstall among the tools (its own or perhaps that of the partner) this means you will then entirely change your entire program. Not only that, nonetheless it can also completely remove every one of the infected documents and configurations that you’ve recently been working so hard to hold protected. We have now tested the newest antivirus application ourselves and have found this to be effective, but you should always ensure that you thoroughly look at the full details of the product prior to you buy it.

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